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年度中国防火窗十大品牌评选 是由品牌排行网主办的全网范围最广、规 模最大的品睥综合实力排名评选活动。 "2018 China's Top Ten Fire Window Brands Selection " is the most comprehensive and large-scale comprehensive ranking of products and products organized by Brand Ranking Network . 轮审核精选出行业品质出众、人气最旺的十大品牌。 In this selection, tens of thousands of netizens voted and commented. After several rounds of review, the top ten brands with outstanding industry quality and the most popular were selected. 方式品牌化,构建良好的消费环境。 Brand Ranking Network is committed to promoting the branding of Chinese consumption methods and building a good consumption environment. 以来反响热刚,不仅吸引了国内近一半 的品牌和经销商的参与,同时也被新浪、网易、新华、中国、搜狐等 70 多家知名网媒 高度关注,共享品牌盛宴。 The response since the creation of the event has been very enthusiastic, not only attracting nearly half of domestic brands and dealers to participate, but also attracted more than 70 well-known online media such as Sina, Netease, Xinhua, China, Sohu , sharing brand feast. 名度、影响力提供契机。 The various media reports provide opportunities for domestic outstanding brands to reunite and increase brand awareness and influence. “2018 年度中国防火窗十大品牌 榜单的优秀企业和品 牌如下 The outstanding companies and brands of Laiden's " Top Ten Chinese Fire Windows Brands 2018 " list are as follows

First place: King Kong glass                 Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Second place: Homans Shield                 Hebei Weidun Door Industry Co., Ltd.

Third place: Cathay Pacific                     Nanjing Cathay Fire Group Co., Ltd.

Fourth place: Jungao                     Shanghai Baowang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Fifth place: Yongtai                     Hefei Yongtai Fire Door Co., Ltd.

Sixth place: Tian Mo                     Zhengzhou Tianrong Building Material Co., Ltd.

Seventh place: Jiu'an                     Hebei Jiu'an Fire Door Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.

Eighth place: Huimei                     Zhejiang Huimei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Ninth Place: Jiaji                     Guangdong Jiaji Electromechanical Fire Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tenth place: Golden Horse                     Sichuan Jiangyan Jinma Essence Fire Door Co., Ltd.

广东金刚玻璃科技股份有限公司 First place: Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

成立于 1994 年,并于 2010 年在深圳证券交易所创业板成功上市。 Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 and successfully listed on the GEM board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 . The company has set up production bases in Shantou, Guangdong and Wujiang, Jiangsu. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and   Production. 207 项,其中 7 项被评为省、市优秀专利奖;公司还参与了 28 项国家(行业)标准、规范的缩写和修订工作。 The company is a national key high-tech enterprise, and now has 207 patents, of which 7 were awarded provincial and municipal outstanding patent awards; the company also participated in 28 national (industry) standards, norms, abbreviations and revisions. 年公司研发出了适用于 GB50016-2014 《建筑设计防火规范》的金刚耐火节能窗,并成功运用于万科、恒大、华润、绿地、金科、招商、旭辉、新城等多个国内大中型地产项目。 In 2015 , the company developed King Kong fire-resistant and energy-saving windows suitable for GB50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design", and successfully applied to many domestic large-scale companies such as Vanke, Evergrande, China Resources, Greenland, Jinke, China Merchants, Xuhui, Xincheng, etc. Medium-sized real estate projects. 30 多项国家级、省级科技项目; 10 项产品通过科技成果鉴定,其 The company has undertaken more than 30 national and provincial science and technology projects; 10 products have passed scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and   8 项产品综合技术达到国际先进或国内领先水平;列为国家重点新产品 6 项;多个产品获全国行业科技奖及省、市科学技术奖。 The comprehensive technology of eight products has reached the international advanced or domestic advanced level; it has been listed as six national key new products ; many products have won national industry science and technology awards and provincial and municipal science and technology awards.   T4 航站楼、新加坡星狮大厦、日本东京蚕茧大厦、日本东京站八重洲工程等国内外重大工程项目。 The company's products have been successfully used in various large public building facilities, such as Beijing Bird's Nest (National Stadium), National Convention Center, Capital Airport Terminal 3, Shanghai Center, China Expo Convention and Exhibition Complex, Shenyang New World International Convention and Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia Train Station, Abu Dhabi Airport, Singapore T4 Terminal, Singapore Lions Building, Japan Cocoon Building, Tokyo Station Yaesu Engineering, and other major domestic and foreign engineering projects.

Second place: Hebei Weidun Door Industry Co., Ltd. (Homans Shield)

(window door) 的谐音,企业以防爆、泄爆、防火的专业品牌 曼斯威盾 为公司产品品牌和企业 LOGO, 代表着企业专业致力于成为专业防爆、泄爆、防火门窗行业制造商和放眼全球的宏伟战略。 Hebei Weidun Door Industry Co., Ltd. The brand name is taken from the homophonic of the English words (window and door) of windows and doors . On behalf of the company's professional commitment to become a professional explosion-proof, explosion-proof, fire-resistant doors and windows industry manufacturer and a global vision of the grand strategy. 致力成为防爆、泄爆、防火门窗行业时代变革领军者,实现客户、员工、企业共繁荣 的企业使命。 Wei Dun people always adhere to the corporate mission of " committed to becoming the leader in the era of explosion-proof, explosion-proof, fire-resistant doors and windows, and achieve prosperity for customers, employees and enterprises ." 诚信创新、尊重成长、达人成己、持之以恒 的企业核心价值观,如今已成为规模较大的防爆、泄爆、防火产品制迼商、供应商之一。 Through continuous implementation of the company's core values of " integrity and innovation, respect for growth, reaching people, and perseverance " , it has now become one of the larger manufacturers and suppliers of explosion-proof, explosion-proof and fire-proof products.   曼斯威盾 防爆、泄爆系列产品中 霍曼斯盾 防火产品已成为行业内代表品质和服务的标志性产品。 Today , the " Hommans Shield " fireproof products in the " Mansway Shield " explosion-proof and explosion- proof products have become the iconic products that represent quality and service in the industry. 打迼中国安防防爆、泄爆、防火 Tomorrow, Weidun Door Industry will continue to " disrupt China's security explosion-proof, explosion-proof, fire prevention   The product application brand is on the way forward.

Third place: Nanjing Cathay Fire Group Co., Ltd. (Cathay)

1998 年,是集科、工、贸于一体的建筑消防生产经菩实体。 Cathay Fire Technology Co., Ltd. is a core subsidiary of Nanjing Cathay Fire Group Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1998. It is a building fire production entity integrating science, industry and trade. The company has nearly 60,000   Square meters of scientific research, production base and office building. Has long been engaged in research and development and production of various series of fire equipment, equipment   Equipment, civil air defense engineering protection equipment, fire engineering construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing.   Group headquarters has a chairman's office, marketing center, administrative personnel center, financial center, and service center.   Good management. 2000 余人,其中专业技术人员、管理人员近 500 人,中 At present, there are more than 2,000 employees , including nearly 500 professional and technical personnel and management personnel .   300 余人,公司有着严格的品质管理体系,先进的生产、管理、营销 体系和高效完善的售后服务。 There are more than 300 people with professional titles and above . The company has a strict quality management system, advanced production, management, marketing systems and efficient and perfect after-sales service. 国泰人 在董事长王根朼先生的带领下,秉承 服务社会,造福人类 的企业 Under the leadership of Chairman Wang Genzhang, Cathay People adhering to the company of Serving the society and benefiting mankind   专业铸就品质、诚信成就辉煌 的企业文化为核心,坚持走 品牌化 The philosophy is based on the corporate culture of professional quality, integrity and glory , and adhere to the brand   development route.

Fourth place: Shanghai Baowang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Jungao)

2566 号。 Shanghai Baowang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of fire-resistant windows and doors, metal windows and doors, cable bridges, metal products and other products . After years of development, the company has developed high-quality fire doors, windows, fire doors, fire doors, etc.   129 名,专业技 The company has strong technical force. It has modern equipment imported from Germany and domestic production, and has 129 employees.   46 名(其中高级技术人员 12 名,中级技术人员 15 名,初级技术人员 19 名)凭借公司在消防防火门窗行业领先的专业水平和成熟的技术力量,从而保证产品质量稳定。 46 technicians (including 12 senior technicians, 15 intermediate technicians , and 19 junior technicians ) rely on the company's leading professional level and mature technical strength in the fire and fire doors and windows industry to ensure product quality and stability.

Fifth place: Hefei Yongtai Fire Door Co., Ltd. (Yongtai)

18 楼,厂址位于合肥市肥西县花岗工业聚集区。 Hefei Yongtai Fire Door Co., Ltd. is located on the 18th floor of Dihao Building at the intersection of Qianshan North Road and Luohe Road, Shushan District , Hefei. 1. 9 万平方米,建筑面积 1. 35 万平方米,厂房面积 1.12 万平方米,办公楼 2950 平方米。 It covers an area of 19,000 square meters, a building area of 135,000 square meters, a plant area of 11,200 square meters, and an office building of 2950 square meters. Professional production, sales and installation:   Fire doors, wood fire doors, steel wood fire doors, super fire shutters, fire windows, smoke barriers, steel entrance doors, electric doors and other fire safety products.   CCC 认证企 The company is certified by the Ministry of Public Security Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center and China National Compulsory Product CCC Certification Enterprise   Industry, the professional manufacturer of fire doors recognized by the Fire Bureau of the Public Security Department of Anhui Province   Member of Fire Door Standardization Committee, member of Fire Bureau of Anhui Provincial Public Security Department, director unit of Anhui Fire Door Association and Feixi County Safety Production Standardization Enterprise. With comprehensive research and development capabilities, design, production, sales, and installation services.

Sixth place: Zhengzhou Tianrong Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Tianrong)

Zhengzhou Tianrong Building Material Co., Ltd. mainly produces composite fire shutter doors. Steel fire door. Wooden fire door   It is the key fire-fighting unit of the National Fire Protection Product Certification Center Certification Enterprise Fire Bureau and Provincial Fire Corps.   Member of the Fire Protection Association and the director unit of the Municipal Fire Protection Association.   10000 余平方米,固定资产 2000 多万,注册资金 340 万元,员工 120 余人,高级工程师 2 人。 The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, more than 20 million fixed assets , a registered capital of 3.4 million yuan, more than 120 employees , 2 senior engineers . The company has the world's advanced management experience and high technology, and has the world's most advanced   Streamlined production line, relying on strict production management and perfect quality system, good after-sales service makes the company's products go   Leading the market.

7th Place: Hebei Jiu'an Fire Door Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (Jiu'an)

Hebei Jiu'an Fire Door Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiu'an Fire Door)   Production and sales, fire engineering design and construction, fire detection and testing enterprise group. 305 亩,[保定 25 亩,望都一期 80 亩、二期 100 亩,沧州 100 l 总注册资金 2.07 亿元. The company covers a total area of 305 acres, [ 25 acres in Baoding , 80 acres in the first phase, 100 acres in the second phase, 100 acres in Cangzhou, and a total registered capital of 207 million yuan.

1993 年的河北九安防火门制迼集团有限公司,主要从事防火门的 As a Hebei Jiu'an Fire Door Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1993 ,   R & D, production and sales. 年公司开始引入 阿米巴 经菩模式,将整个公司分成若干个 In 2010 , the company began to introduce the " Amoeba " Jingpu model, dividing the entire company into several   Small organizations that operate through an independent accounting system that is directly linked to the market, fostering leadership with management awareness,   全员参与 的经营理念,提高了员工参与经 Involving all employees in business management, thus realizing the business philosophy of full participation and improving employee participation   Camp enthusiasm. 因为人人都是管理者,每个人就是自己的领 Chairman of the company Yang Shujie said: " Because everyone is a manager, everyone is their own leader.   Guidance, so the enthusiasm of employees has been very high, so the company has developed rapidly. "

The products mainly include: steel fire doors, wood fire doors, steel wood fire doors, steel fire doors, glass fire doors, steel heat insulation fire windows, broken bridge aluminum non-insulated fire windows, fire shutters. Perlite, fire-resistant rubber strip,   With the compulsory certification issued by the Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security and the national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory structure   Inspection report of quality inspection and inspection center. Other products include: explosion-proof door, substation soundproof door, anti-theft   Doors, industrial doors, etc.

The group has the first-level qualification certificate for fire engineering construction issued by the Ministry of Construction,   Class special fire design qualification certificate, the provincial fire bureau approved the issue of testing qualification business mainly includes: fire engineering design   Construction, installation of mechanical and electrical engineering, installation of intelligent building engineering, fire engineering testing, electrical testing, maintenance, etc.

Eighth Place: Zhejiang Huimei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Huimei)

1991 年,前身是永康花街文教用品厂,首创 四方 Zhejiang Huimei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1991. It was formerly known as Yongkang Flower Street Stationery Factory.   品抟,并于 2002 年在浙江武义正式注册成为 浙江惠美 ,从 1991 2016, Schoolware " Pinyin, and was officially registered as " Zhejiang Huimei " in 2002 in Wuyi , Zhejiang , from 1991 to 2016, after   25 年的奋斗与积累,现下属四个事业部和一个进出口公司,主要致力于钢木家具、 After 25 years of struggle and accumulation, there are now four business units and one import and export company, which are mainly dedicated to steel-wood furniture,   Solid wood furniture, steel doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, plastic steel doors, fire doors, steel windows, wooden windows, aluminum windows, fire protection   R & D, manufacturing and sales of windows

Ninth Place: Guangdong Jiaji Mechanical and Electrical Fire Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (Jiaji)

1050 万于 2013 年注册成立,同年在东莞市沙田镇齐沙村 30000 平米现代化工厂建成生 Guangdong Jiaji Electromechanical Fire-fighting Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered and established in 2013 by a shareholder of Shenzhen Jiaji Fire-fighting Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. It was established in 2013 .   Industry, after nearly two years of development, it has become a domestic residential development company, commercial development company, and communications company.   Qualified supplier, the current business covers the Pearl River Delta (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai,), Chang   10 个大中城市。 There are four large and medium-sized cities in the economic circle of the four major cities, namely, the triangle (Nantong, Jiangsu), Henan, and Hunan .

Tenth place: Sichuan Jinjiang Wooden Fire Door Co., Ltd. (Jinma)

Sichuan Dujiangyan Jinma Wood Fire Door Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu Plain with beautiful scenery and world cultural heritage.   Dujiangyan, one of the holy places for production. VIP 单位。 It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has a beautiful environment. It is adjacent to the Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and has been awarded a VIP unit for fire protection .

The company specializes in the production of Jingpu: wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, steel fire doors, steel fire rolls   Curtains, inorganic fireproof rolling shutters, Zengtong rolling shutters, steel doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, various non-standard doors, steel doors and windows. Raw   Production, sales, and installation of wooden fire doors, steel composite fire shutters, dual-track double curtain inorganic composite fire shutters, steam mist single-piece fire shutters, steel entrance doors, garage doors, electric retractable doors and other products

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