Construction and installation plan of fire shutter door

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目的: 1 Purpose:
Management of key points and key parts of rolling door installation
2 Scope of application:
Roller shutter project construction project
内容如下 3 content is as follows
I. Basis of Preparation
Atlas of fire door and fire shutter door "88J13-4"
Project Overview
工程防火卷帘门均采用无机复合双轨特级防火卷帘耐火极限4.0小时。 Example: The fireproof rolling shutter doors of the Great Wall Scientific Research Building project are made of inorganic composite dual-track super fireproof rolling shutters with a fire resistance limit of 4.0 hours.
Construction arrangements
施工期、保修期、服务承诺及措施 1.Construction period, warranty period, service commitment and measures
施工期:在具备施工条件的情况下,按计划进行生产,安装。 2. Construction period: Under the conditions of construction, production and installation will be carried out as planned.
保修期: 1 3. Warranty period: 1 year
工程进度与质量保证:项目经理全权负责该工程项目的全部运作。 4. Project progress and quality assurance: The project manager is solely responsible for the overall operation of the project. 选用技术熟练, 承担 过多个大型工程 合格 的安装队伍进场安装,确保工程进度。 According to the characteristics of the project, a skilled installation team who has qualified for a number of large-scale projects has been installed on the site to ensure the progress of the project. 安装队长按自检表进行 自检、 项目经理 抽验 ,验收前 交接检 和相结合的质量检查制度。 During the construction process, the installation team leader conducts self-inspection according to the self-inspection form , sampling inspection by the project manager , handover inspection before acceptance, and a combined quality inspection system. 纠偏, 解决。 The quality inspectors regularly follow up and inspect the construction site and find out that the problems are corrected and resolved in time.
Construction organization
施工组织的指导思想:“严格遵守合同, 保安全,保证 工期, 保证 质量 1. The guiding ideology of the construction organization: "Strict compliance with the contract, ensuring safety, ensuring the construction period and ensuring the quality .
根据现场的 洞口 寸,进行图纸深化设计。 2. According to the size of the opening of the site , deepen the design of drawings. 施工。 Check the drawings repeatedly to ensure that they are correct and carry out construction according to the requirements of the drawings .
V. Construction deployment and material protection
生产顺序: 根据现场施工顺序,确定卷帘安装顺序可 采取先生产一批,然后进场安装,安装与生产同时进行的方式 ,每次下单必须按照公司的下单用车标准, 1. Production sequence: According to the construction order on the site, the installation order of the roller blind can be determined by first producing a batch, then entering the installation, and installing and producing at the same time . Each order must be in accordance with the company's ordering vehicle standards.
原材料存放:原材料进厂到产品加工及成品的存放都设专管专用,材料在厂内或现场存放时要放置在干燥、通风的地方,要避免和有 腐蚀 的物质接触,并必须做防潮、防雨、防晒、防腐等措施。 2. Storage of raw materials: The raw materials are placed in the factory to the product processing and the storage of finished products are set up for special management. The materials should be placed in a dry and ventilated place when they are stored in the factory or on-site. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and must be done. Measures against moisture, rain, sun and corrosion. When laying flat, the bottom surface is flat to prevent deformation. 由专人负责管理。 It has a logo and is managed by a special person.
所有材料进场上报合格证、检验报告和相关资质证明文件 ,监理验收开始安装, 所有 隐蔽工程 检查验收,必须经监理验收合格后, 做好隐蔽记录, 方可下道工序施工。 3. All materials shall be submitted to the site to submit a certificate of conformity, inspection report and relevant qualification certification documents . The installation of supervision and acceptance will begin. All hidden engineering inspections and acceptances must be conducted with concealed records after they have passed the supervision and acceptance before they can be constructed in the next process.
产品 运:产品在 运过程中要平稳,牢固,避免碰撞损坏产品。 4. Reverse product : The product should be stable and firm during the transportation process to avoid collision and damage to the product. Lift and handle gently during loading and unloading, strictly avoid slamming, falling, prying, etc., to prevent mechanical deformation, damage the product, and affect installation and use.
岗前培训 Pre-post training
1. The project manager conducts on-site training to the installers once a week, and the construction staff on the day of the installation captain conducts pre-post training on the day before taking up the job. The results are recorded before the project manager checks.
Seven, small batch experiments
1. Find one or more suitable openings for small-scale experiments before large-scale installation. Party A's supervision will confirm the licenses and licenses and confirm the construction according to the standard.
Product installation
确认洞口及产品规格 (I) Confirmation of hole and product specifications
   安装前,依据安装任务单和报批确认的防火卷帘安装图 检查测量建筑物洞口尺寸、标高以及防火卷帘产品规格、尺寸、型号、确认正确的安装位置。 1. Before installation , check and measure the building opening size, elevation, and fire roller shutter product specifications, sizes, models, and correct installation positions according to the installation task list and the approved fire roller shutter installation drawing .
划线 确认洞口及防火卷帘 的控制电源和按钮位置确定电 安装 左或右 施工人员 根据卷帘的高度和 建筑物标高线施实划线 打孔。 2. Scribing : Confirm the position of the control power and button of the entrance and fire shutter . Determine whether the motor is installed on the left or right .
a draw the centerline of the width direction of the opening;
支座板 中心卷轴中心的标高位置线 不影响隔断安装, b The elevation position line of the center axis of the bearing plate does not affect the partition installation.
c. Check the line position to verify that the accuracy tolerance is not more than 3mm.     
安装 支座板 (Two) install the support plate
、支座板 的安装应按以下步骤要求进行 1.The installation of the support plate should be performed according to the following steps
根据安装图纸确认安装型式首先确认墙 安装、墙 安装等安装型式。 2. Confirm the installation type according to the installation drawings. First confirm the installation types such as external wall installation and internal wall installation.
   清理并找平 支座板 与建筑物(墙体、柱、梁)的安装基准面。 3. Clean and level the mounting datum plane of the support plate and the building (wall, column, beam).
采用安全适用的膨胀螺栓, (钢卷胀栓采用直径16*150mm,无极卷帘胀栓采用直径14*120mm),外装 不少于 4 件, 内装不少于6个, 支座板 定于安装基准面上, 保证平直。 4. Use safe and applicable expansion bolts (steel expansion bolts with a diameter of 16 * 150mm and stepless rolling curtain expansion bolts with a diameter of 14 * 120mm), no less than 4 pieces of exterior , no less than 6 of interior, It is fixed on the installation datum surface and guaranteed to be straight.
   墙侧装 支座板 表面应垂直于安装基准面,墙中间安装时其 支座板 轴头中心线垂直于 装基准面。 5. The surface of the wall-mounted support plate should be perpendicular to the installation reference surface. When the wall is installed in the middle, the center line of the axis of the support plate is perpendicular to the installation reference surface.
    安装后, 支座板 轴头(轴承)中心应同轴,其不同轴度在全长范围内不大于2mm。 6. After installation, the center of the bearing plate shaft head (bearing) should be coaxial, and its different axial degrees should not be greater than 2mm over the entire length. When steel expansion bolts are used, the minimum embedment depth of the expansion bolts shall meet the requirements. 支架 固以保证 支座板 的安装,安全可靠,运行稳定。 When the self-weight of the roller shutter is too large, a welding bracket can be used to ensure the installation of the support plate , which is safe, reliable and stable. Where there is no virtual welding and slag inclusion in the welding place, slag should be removed after welding and anti-rust treatment
卷轴的安装 (Three) the installation of the reel
安装前应检查卷轴轴头 和滚筒轴承和轴头 焊接 牢固 轴承套焊接牢固并能户主轴承保证卷轴转动是轴承不脱套, 以及首板固定位置与卷轴轴向是否平行。 1. Before installation, check that the reel shaft head and the roller bearing and the shaft head are welded firmly . The bearing sleeve is welded firmly and the owner bearing can ensure that the reel rotation is the bearing without loosening .
检查无误后,使用相应的安全起重工具进行吊装 与支座板 装配安装固定。 2. After the inspection is correct, use the corresponding safety lifting tool for lifting and assembling and fixing the support plate .
要求:卷轴安装后应检验确认其水平度,水平度在全长范围内不大于2mm。 3. Requirement: After the reel is installed, it should be inspected to confirm its levelness, and the levelness is not more than 2mm in the entire length.
4. The bearing rotates flexibly without jamming.
机安装 (Four) motor installation
开箱,依照装箱单清点产品零部是否齐全 识别 机左、右安装方向, 1. Open the box, check whether the product parts are complete according to the packing list , identify the left and right installation directions of the motor ,
It is required that the exit of the manual chain must be perpendicular to the ground . 机安装于传动支架上 Install the motor on the transmission bracket with the specified bolts .
两链轮轮宽的对称平面应在同一平面内,并且两链轮轴线应平行;链条松 紧要适度,防止链条过紧容易断链条,链条过松转动时链条脱落帘面下坠。 2. The symmetrical planes of the two sprocket wheels should be in the same plane, and the axes of the two sprocket wheels should be parallel; the chain tightness should be moderate to prevent the chain from being too tight and easy to break the chain.
链条安装后应采用机械油或用润滑脂润滑。 3. After the chain is installed, it should be lubricated with mechanical oil or grease.
帘面 隔断 安装 (E) curtain wall partition installation
开卷检查帘面(钢质、无机布)是否因储存,运输等因素造成产品变形损坏。 1. Unwind and check whether the curtain surface (steel, inorganic cloth) is deformed and damaged due to storage, transportation and other factors. 板、无机布帘面的直线度,外表质量 ,规格型号与卷轴是否匹配 等。 And check the straightness, appearance quality , specifications and model of the first board, tail board, plywood , inorganic cloth curtain surface and the reel .
首板长度方向应与卷筒轴中心线平行,并用规定规格的螺钉固定于卷轴 2. The length of the first plate should be parallel to the centerline of the reel shaft, and fixed to the reel with screws of specified specifications.
帘面安装后, 钢丝绳带劲一致 应平直,两边垂直于地面。 3. After the curtain surface is installed, the wire rope should be straight with both sides perpendicular to the ground. After adjustment, it must not be skewed up and down .
具有防风钩的帘面,其防风钩的 向,应与侧导轨凹槽相一致。 4. For the curtain surface with windproof hook, the direction of the windproof hook should be consistent with the groove of the side guide.
尾板与地面平行,接触应均匀,保证帘面上升,下降顺畅,并 证帘面具 5. The tailboard is parallel to the ground, and the contact should be uniform to ensure that the curtain surface rises and descends smoothly, and the curtain mask is ensured.
在同一水平线上。 With proper drape and drop in weight, the double curtains should run on the same horizontal line simultaneously . .
无机帘面不允许有错位,缺角,挖补,倾斜,跳线,断线,色差等 缺陷 6. Inorganic curtains are not allowed to have defects such as misalignment, missing corners, mending, tilting, jumpers, disconnections, and color differences .
7, there is no gap between the partition and the upper beam, walls, pipes, trunkings, etc., the lower end of the partition must go to the turning point of the guide rail duck, and straight without curtains.
导轨安装 (6) Rail mounting
帘面安装调整无误后,即进行导轨的安装,其要求应满足防火卷帘帘面嵌入导轨深度 不小于60mm, 1. After the installation and adjustment of the curtain surface is correct, the installation of the guide rail should be performed, and its requirements should meet the depth of the fireproof rolling curtain curtain surface embedded in the guide rail not less than 60mm,
导轨顶部应成 鸭嘴 圆弧形,其 高度 度超过 支座板2c m。 2. The top of the guide rail should be in the shape of a duck-bill circular arc, and its height exceeds the support plate by 2 cm .
导轨现场安装应牢固,安装后,导轨应垂直于地面 ,固定点从导轨的顶端向下150mm,从下向上200mm,中间间距500mm-600mm 其不垂直度不得大于 2 mm 3. The on-site installation of the guide rail should be firm. After installation, the guide rail should be perpendicular to the ground , the fixing point should be 150mm downward from the top of the guide rail, 200mm from the bottom to the top, and the non-verticality between 500mm-600mm should not be greater than 2 mm . 要牢固,并且在同一平面上, 保证洞口净宽。 After the rails are installed, they should be firm and on the same plane to ensure the clear width of the opening.
帘面在导轨运行应顺畅平稳,不允许有卡阻,冲击现象 4. The curtain surface should run smoothly and smoothly on the guide rail, and no jamming or impact is allowed .
5. The guide rail blocks the flat bead. There is no gap between the straight guide rail and the wall, and there is no burr.
控制器和按钮盒安装、接线、调试 (详见控制器使用说明书) (VII) Installation, wiring, and debugging of electric control box controller and button box (see the controller instruction manual for details)
安装前开箱检查控制箱外壳,器件在储存、运输 是否造成损失,松脱,确认一切工常后 可安装 接线。 1. Unpack the control box before installation to check whether the device has caused loss during storage and transportation . Loose it, and confirm wiring before installing .
安装时应保证电控箱在 电机一侧 位置, 便于检修, 固定平稳可靠。 2. When installing, ensure that the electric control box is on the side of the motor , which is convenient for maintenance and is stable and reliable.
接线前 先了解 端子 接线图 ,了解每个接线端的作用及接线要求, 避免接错线烧坏电机,线管两头要有锁母和电控箱和电机连接。 3. Understand the terminal wiring diagram before wiring , understand the function and wiring requirements of each terminal, and avoid connecting the wrong wire to burn out the motor. The two ends of the tube must be connected with a lock nut and an electric control box and the motor. Wiring specifications,
4. The installation distance of the button is 1.3 to 1.5 meters. The installation is smooth and firm. The identification plate is installed at a distance of 1cm from the button, which is flat, beautiful and firm.
(Eight) commissioning
机安装后,采用 时电源,接通控制箱及 机,注意 机的接线相序,应与交付时的接线相序一致。 1. After the motor is installed, use a temporary power supply to switch on the control box and the motor . Pay attention to the wiring phase sequence of the motor , which should be consistent with the wiring phase sequence when delivered.
电动试运行前,应首先使用 机的手动拉链,拉动试运行,无误 可电 试运行 2. Before the electric trial operation, the manual zipper of the motor should be used to pull the trial operation. After the error , the motor can be trial run .        
接通电源后,进行功能设定,确定一步降或二步降以及与消防控制中心联动的输入信号类型及信号数量和状态信号的反馈。 3. After the power is turned on, set the function to determine the type of input signal, the number of input signals, and the feedback of status signals that are linked to the one-step or two-step descent and the fire control center.
Stroke limit adjustment
按动按钮上升或下降键,检查卷帘的运行 向是否与其对应并确认。 1. Press the up or down button to check whether the running direction of the roller blind corresponds to it and confirm.
调试限位器前应用拉链使帘面处于适当位置后,反复调试限位器的限位滑块位置至理想状态,并紧固螺钉。 2. After adjusting the stopper, apply a zipper to make the curtain surface in a proper position, and then repeatedly adjust the position of the limiter's limit slider to the ideal state, and tighten the screws. When set to two-step descent, adjust the neutral position to an appropriate evacuation height and lock the position.
安装箱体保护罩 (9) Install the protective cover of the box
箱体的安装按设计要求实施。 1. The installation of the cabinet is implemented according to the design requirements. All connection contacts should be flush, safe, reliable, and flat in appearance.
,角铁焊接要刷防锈漆,保证卷帘下放不挂罩板。 The lines are smooth , and the corner iron is welded with anti-rust paint to ensure that the shutter is not hung down.
防火卷帘门侧装和中装的封堵 (10) Blocking of side and middle installations of fire shutter doors
相关规范的 相应要求。 The blocking of fire shutter doors (side-mounted and middle-mounted) shall meet the corresponding requirements of relevant codes .
、质量管理组织机构及质量保证体系为顺利实现质量目标,我们主要采取以下管理措施: Nine , quality management organization and quality assurance system In order to successfully achieve quality objectives, we mainly adopt the following management measures:
) 项目经理负责制:由项目经理全权负责该工程项目的全部运作。 1 ) Project manager accountability system: The project manager is solely responsible for the overall operation of the project.
) 检验制度:施工过程中坚持自检、互检、交接检和抽验相结合的质量检查制度。 2 ) Inspection system: In the construction process, we insist on a quality inspection system that combines self-inspection, mutual inspection, handover inspection and random inspection. Quality inspectors regularly follow up at the construction site to find out problems and solve them in time
过程控制 针对产品实现的全过程,包括 工程 技术 变更 ,技术确认,技术输出,生产加工,过程检验,安装 分部分项目视化 报验等过程,通过过程控制,以保证产品和服务质量 3) Process control For the entire process of product realization, including engineering and technical changes , technical confirmation, technical output, production and processing, process inspection, and installation of sub-project visual inspection and other processes, through process control to ensure product and service quality .
施工安全 文明 管理 X. Civilization Management of Construction Safety
(1) Fire protection:
对所属施工人员进行安 、消防、等方面的 岗前培训 1. Pre-job training for safety , fire protection and other aspects of the construction personnel ;
严禁在工地赌博、起轰闹事、打架斗殴; 2. It is strictly forbidden to gamble at the construction site, cause riots and fights;
现场的货物、设备、库房 进行3S管理,并设 由专人 检查 3. On-site goods, equipment, and warehouses are managed by 3S and set up for inspection by special persons ;
电工、电气焊须持证上岗,作业时须开动火证 ,并有防火措施。 4. Electricians and electric welders must be certified to work, fire certificates must be activated during operation , and fire prevention measures must be taken.
(2) In terms of safe electricity use:
严禁无证人员进行电工作业; 1. It is strictly forbidden for unlicensed persons to perform electrician work;
所用电动工具必须进行三级保护; 2. The power tools used must be protected in three levels;
各种电线、电缆、箱闸、盒、插头和保险的选用必须符合安全技术要求,不准在保险、开关、插座上乱接、乱挂电线。 3. The selection of various wires, cables, box gates, boxes, plugs and insurance must comply with safety technical requirements. It is not allowed to connect or hang wires on insurance, switches, sockets.
(3) In terms of production safety:
施工人员须统一着装,进入工地必须戴安全帽,严禁穿拖鞋进入施工现场; 1. Construction personnel must dress uniformly. They must wear hard hats when entering the construction site. It is strictly prohibited to wear slippers to enter the construction site;
作业人员不得酒后作业和工作中嘻闹、相互投掷; 2.Operators are not allowed to juggle and throw at each other while drinking and working;
乘坐或等候外用电梯时,应听从司机的指挥; 3. Obey the driver's instructions when riding or waiting for an external elevator;
不得 施工现场大小便,要文明施工,做到活完现场清。 4. Do not urinate or urinate at the construction site. Civilize the construction so that the site is cleaned up.
环境保护措施 11. Environmental protection measures
进入施工现场人员必须严格遵守施工现场环境保卫管理规定,保护 施工 现场及周围环境卫生,不准乱扔废弃物 不得将工程废弃物遗留场外 ,做到活完场地清, 1. The personnel entering the construction site must strictly abide by the environmental protection management regulations of the construction site , protect the construction site and the surrounding environment, prevent littering , and do not leave engineering waste outside the site to complete site cleanup.
、材料现场仓储、搬运及成品保护措施 X. Material on-site storage, handling and finished product protection measures
产品在 搬运 过程中要 轻拿轻放,重不压轻, 平稳,牢固,避免 卸车上楼 时碰 撞损坏产品。 1. Handle the product lightly during transportation , do not press lightly, be stable, firm, and avoid bumping and damaging the product when the truck is upstairs .
产品在现场存放时都要放置在干燥、通风的地方,要避免和有腐蚀的物质及气体接触,并必须做防潮、防雨、防晒、等措施,平放时,下面垫平,防止变形。 2. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place when stored on-site. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and gases, and must be protected from moisture, rain, sun, and other measures. Deformation.
服务承诺及措施: 12. Service commitments and measures:
Our company organizes a professional after-sales warranty team, consisting of professional engineers and technicians with many years of work experience. According to the commitments of the engineering warranty, maintenance and repair are strictly observed to ensure the use.
XIII. The Engineering Division is responsible for the interpretation and management of these rules, and will be implemented from the date of issue.    

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