Fire shutter door atlas 12j609, 03j609 super fire door atlas download

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In order to ensure that the documents are easy to read and save, the specifications of the fire door are downloaded in the form of Baidu network disks. The document extraction code is below this content.

The contents of the fire shutter door atlas mainly include: 12j609 fire door atlas, 03j609 fire door atlas, 2015 latest super fire door atlas.

The characteristics of the fire shutter door atlas are based on the new fire doors and windows and fire shutter standards, and the original atlas has been revised according to the new fire resistance requirements. Contents of energy-saving fire windows, side and horizontal special-shaped fire shutters, fire door and window installation site regulations, etc. Strive to use new materials and new technology, more diverse products, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, good fire performance, and widely used. The atlas is rich in content, clear and organized, and easy to select, which can meet the needs of design and construction.

The production of fire shutter doors has national fire protection standards. When designing drawings for projects, the fire shutter doors are based on the atlas of fire doors. Each place has its atlas number. These two atlases are more commonly used.

12j609 fire shutter door atlas

12j609 fire shutter door atlas

03j609 fire shutter door atlas

03j609 fire shutter door atlas

Fire door manufacturers mainly refer to the appearance of fire doors, such as the opening method: whether it is open, single, or son-in-law. With or without fireproof see-through windows and the size of see-through windows, as for the added specifications are generally made in accordance with national fire protection standards.

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