2008 National Standard for Fire Doors (GB 12955-2008)

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Chapter 5 and Article 7.2 of this standard are mandatory clauses, and the rest are recommended clauses.
This standard replaces GB 12955-1991 "General Technical Conditions for Steel Fire Doors", GB 14101-1993 "General Technical Conditions for Wooden Fire Doors", and GB 12955-2008 Edition "National Standards of the People's Republic of China"
Compared with GB 12955-1991, GB 14101-1993 and GB 12955-2008, the main changes of this standard are as follows:
——Added the classification of fire doors by material (see 4.1);
——Revised the classification of fire resistance of fire doors, from the original classification of A, B and C, to this version according to "insulated fire doors (type A)", "partially insulated fire doors (type B)" And "non-insulated fire doors (Class C)" classification (4.3 of GB 12955-1991, 4.1 of GB 14101-1993; 4.4 of this edition);
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Jiu'an fire door
——The requirements for fire-resistant door materials are more comprehensive and specific. For materials other than metal materials, requirements for the material's combustion performance and the toxicity of the material's combustion smoke have been added (5.1 of GB 12955-1991 and GB 14101-1993; this edition) 5.2);
—— Delete the requirements for the wind pressure deformation resistance, air penetration resistance and rainwater penetration resistance of wooden fire doors used as exterior doors of buildings;
——The performance requirements for fire locks are more specific (5.1.3 in GB 12955-1991, 5.1.4 in GB 14101-1993; 5.3.1 in this edition);
——The performance requirements for fire hinges (hinges) are more specific (5.1.3 and 5.1.4 of GB 12955-1991, 5.1.4 of GB 14101-1993, 5.3.2 of this edition);
——The performance requirements for door closers are more specific 5.1.3 of GB 12955-1991, 5.1.4 of GB 14101-1993, 5.3.3 of this edition);
——The requirements for fire-resistant glass are more specific (5.1.3 in GB 12955-1991, 5.1.3 in GB 14101-1993, 5.3.7 in this edition);
——Added quality requirements and test methods for fire doors (see 5.5, 6.6)
——Increase the requirements and test methods for the width of the door leaf in the width direction (see 5.7, 6.8.3);
——Added requirements and test methods for the gap between the door leaf and the door frame abutment surface (see, 6.9.3);
——Added requirements and test methods for the flexibility of fire doors (see 5.9, 6.10);
——Added requirements and test methods for fire door reliability (see 5.10, 6.11);
——Improved the test method for the twist of the door of fire doors (6.2 of GB 14101-1993; 6.8.2 of this edition);
——Added the measurement method for the overlap size of the door leaf and the door frame (see 6.9.1);
-Added judgment criteria (see 7.2.4);
— Added normative Appendix A (see Appendix A);
——Added normative appendix B (see appendix B);
-Added normative Appendix C (see Appendix C);
-Added normative Appendix D (see Appendix D);
Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C and Appendix D of this standard are normative appendices.
This standard was proposed by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Fire Control of Building Components (SAC / TC113 / SC8).
This standard is drafted by: Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.
Participants in the drafting of this standard: Shenzhen Blue Shield Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenyang Qiangdun Fire Door Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Pengjilong Electric Security Co., Ltd., Chongqing Maxim's Mason Door Industry Co., Ltd., and Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. , Tianjin Mingmen Fireproof Building Material Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Guanghua Anfuye Doors And Windows Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tangmen Metal Structure Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this standard: Zhao Huali, Liu Xiaohui, Huang Wei, Li Bo, Li Xiquan, Wang Pengxiang, Zhang Xianghui, Ji Xiangan, Lu Zili, Yu Yang, Xia Mingxian, Zhang Mingyi, Ji Chunchuan, Tang Junlie.
The previous versions of the standards replaced by this standard are:
——GB 12955-1991;
——GB 14101-1993.

Please note that some elements of this standard may involve patents. The issuer of this standard should not be held responsible for identifying these patents.

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