The latest version of the current fire protection law of the People's Republic of China

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(Adopted at the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress on April 29, 1998, as amended by the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress on October 28, 2008)

目录 table of Contents

    第一章总则 Chapter I General Provisions

    第二章火灾预防 Chapter II Fire Prevention

    第三章消防组织 Chapter III Fire Organization

    第四章灭火救援 Chapter IV Fire Fighting and Rescue

    第五章监督检查 Chapter V Supervision and Inspection

    第六章法律责任 Chapter VI Legal Liability

    第七章附则 Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

第一章总则 Chapter I General Provisions

    第一条为了预防火灾和减少火灾危害,加强应急救援工作,保护人身、财产安全,维护公共安全,制定本法。 Article 1 This Law is enacted in order to prevent fires and reduce fire hazards, strengthen emergency rescue work, protect personal and property safety, and maintain public safety.

    第二条消防工作贯彻预防为主、防消结合的方针,按照政府统一领导、部门依法监管、单位全面负责、公民积极参与的原则,实行消防安全责任制,建立健全社会化的消防工作网络。 Article 2 The fire prevention work implements the principle of putting prevention first and combining prevention with elimination. In accordance with the principles of unified government leadership, departmental supervision, full unit responsibility, and active citizen participation, it implements a fire safety responsibility system and establishes a sound social fire protection work network.

    第三条国务院领导全国的消防工作。 Article 3 The State Council leads the nationwide fire protection work. 地方各级人民政府负责本行政区域内的消防工作。 Local people's governments at various levels are responsible for fire fighting in their own administrative areas.

    各级人民政府应当将消防工作纳入国民经济和社会发展计划,保障消防工作与经济社会发展相适应。 People's governments at all levels should incorporate fire protection work into their national economic and social development plans, and ensure that fire protection work is compatible with economic and social development.

    第四条国务院公安部门对全国的消防工作实施监督管理。 Article 4 The public security department of the State Council exercises supervision and management of fire protection work across the country. 县级以上地方人民政府公安机关对本行政区域内的消防工作实施监督管理,并由本级人民政府公安机关消防机构负责实施。 The public security organs of the local people's governments at or above the county level supervise and manage the fire protection work in their respective administrative areas, and the fire protection agencies of the public security organs of the people's governments at the corresponding levels are responsible for implementation. 军事设施的消防工作,由其主管单位监督管理,公安机关消防机构协助;矿井地下部分、核电厂、海上石油天然气设施的消防工作,由其主管单位监督管理。 The fire protection work of military facilities shall be supervised and managed by its competent unit and assisted by the fire protection agencies of public security organs; the fire protection work of underground parts of mines, nuclear power plants and offshore oil and gas facilities shall be supervised and managed by its competent unit.

    县级以上人民政府其他有关部门在各自的职责范围内,依照本法和其他相关法律、法规的规定做好消防工作。 Within the scope of their respective duties, other relevant departments of the people's governments at or above the county level shall do a good job in fire protection in accordance with the provisions of this Law and other relevant laws and regulations.

    法律、行政法规对森林、草原的消防工作另有规定的,从其规定。 Where laws and administrative regulations provide otherwise for fire protection work in forests and grasslands, such provisions shall prevail.

    第五条任何单位和个人都有维护消防安全、保护消防设施、预防火灾、报告火警的义务。 Article 5 Any unit or individual has the obligation to maintain fire safety, protect fire facilities, prevent fires, and report fire alarms. 任何单位和成年人都有参加有组织的灭火工作的义务。 Any unit and adult has the obligation to participate in organized fire fighting.

    第六条各级人民政府应当组织开展经常性的消防宣传教育,提高公民的消防安全意识。 Article 6 People's governments at all levels shall organize and carry out regular fire prevention publicity and education to raise citizens' awareness of fire safety.

    机关、团体、企业、事业等单位,应当加强对本单位人员的消防宣传教育。 Organs, groups, enterprises, institutions and other units shall strengthen fire prevention propaganda and education for their own personnel.

    公安机关及其消防机构应当加强消防法律、法规的宣传,并督促、指导、协助有关单位做好消防宣传教育工作。 Public security organs and their fire protection agencies shall strengthen the publicity of fire protection laws and regulations, and supervise, guide, and assist relevant units to do a good job in fire protection publicity and education.

    教育、人力资源行政主管部门和学校、有关职业培训机构应当将消防知识纳入教育、教学、培训的内容。 The competent administrative department of education, human resources, schools, and relevant vocational training institutions shall incorporate fire prevention knowledge into the content of education, teaching, and training.

    新闻、广播、电视等有关单位,应当有针对性地面向社会进行消防宣传教育。 Relevant units such as 一定牛彩票, radio, and television should provide targeted fire prevention education to the society.

    工会、共产主义青年团、妇女联合会等团体应当结合各自工作对象的特点,组织开展消防宣传教育。 Trade unions, Communist Youth Leagues, Women's Federations and other groups shall organize fire prevention education and education in accordance with the characteristics of their respective work targets.

    村民委员会、居民委员会应当协助人民政府以及公安机关等部门,加强消防宣传教育。 Villagers 'committees and residents' committees should assist the people's government and public security organs to strengthen fire prevention publicity and education.

    第七条国家鼓励、支持消防科学研究和技术创新,推广使用先进的消防和应急救援技术、设备;鼓励、支持社会力量开展消防公益活动。 Article 7 The State encourages and supports scientific research and technological innovation in fire protection, promotes the use of advanced fire fighting and emergency rescue technologies and equipment, and encourages and supports social forces to carry out fire protection public welfare activities.

    对在消防工作中有突出贡献的单位和个人,应当按照国家有关规定给予表彰和奖励。 Units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in fire protection work shall be commended and rewarded in accordance with relevant state regulations.

第二章火灾预防 Chapter II Fire Prevention

    第八条地方各级人民政府应当将包括消防安全布局、消防站、消防供水、消防通信、消防车通道、消防装备等内容的消防规划纳入城乡规划,并负责组织实施。 Article 8 Local people's governments at all levels shall incorporate fire protection planning including fire safety layout, fire stations, fire water supply, fire communication, fire truck passages, fire equipment, etc. into urban and rural planning, and be responsible for the organization and implementation.

    城乡消防安全布局不符合消防安全要求的,应当调整、完善;公共消防设施、消防装备不足或者不适应实际需要的,应当增建、改建、配置或者进行技术改造。 If the urban and rural fire safety layout does not meet the fire safety requirements, it shall be adjusted and improved; if the public fire protection facilities and fire fighting equipment are insufficient or do not meet the actual needs, they shall be added, rebuilt, configured or technologically modified.

    第九条建设工程的消防设计、施工必须符合国家工程建设消防技术标准。 Article 9 The fire protection design and construction of construction projects must conform to the national engineering construction fire protection technical standards. 建设、设计、施工、工程监理等单位依法对建设工程的消防设计、施工质量负责。 Construction, design, construction, engineering supervision and other units are responsible for the fire protection design and construction quality of construction projects according to law.

    第十条按照国家工程建设消防技术标准需要进行消防设计的建设工程,除本法第十一条另有规定的外,建设单位应当自依法取得施工许可之日起七个工作日内,将消防设计文件报公安机关消防机构备案,公安机关消防机构应当进行抽查。 Article 10 Construction projects that require fire protection design in accordance with national technical standards for fire protection of construction engineering, unless otherwise specified in Article 11 of this law, the construction unit shall, within seven working days from the date of obtaining a construction permit in accordance with the law, The design documents are reported to the fire protection agency of the public security organ for record, and the fire protection agency of the public security organ shall conduct spot checks.

    第十一条国务院公安部门规定的大型的人员密集场所和其他特殊建设工程,建设单位应当将消防设计文件报送公安机关消防机构审核。 Article 11 For large-scale personnel-intensive sites and other special construction projects stipulated by the public security department of the State Council, the construction unit shall submit the fire protection design documents to the fire protection agency of the public security organ for review. 公安机关消防机构依法对审核的结果负责。 The fire protection agencies of the public security organs are responsible for the results of the audit in accordance with the law.

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