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How much is a fireproof shutter door

A good product is better than the price in addition to the quality. Whoever sells the super-folding upgrade is an inorganic cloth fireproof shutter door with low quality and guaranteed quality. I will definitely choose it. Of course, this is the psychology of consumers. From a fire shutter door manufacturer's point of view, this can be said to be impossible. Everyone knows that the author is not here! But how much is the price of a general fire shutter door? The author combined the market price and the same industry quotation to sort out the next price range for customers and friends!

Fire shutter door

1 The price of ordinary fire-resistant shutter doors is about 70 yuan per square

2 Inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter door price is about 180 yuan per square

3 Special inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter price is about 350 yuan per square

Each manufacturer's preferential policies for customers' purchase orders vary. It is really difficult to sell high prices in this era of fierce competition. Therefore, customers of the above prices can refer to it. No matter how special the folding upgrade is, The price of the type inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter door will certainly not be higher than our regular offer. Many customers and friends ask for more.

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