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How much is a square meter of broken bridge aluminum fire window


Hello, are you here able to produce aluminum fire windows for broken bridges?

Yes, Jiu'an Fire Door is the first manufacturer in China to obtain a product report for a broken bridge aluminum fire window. Do you need to make a fire bridge for a broken bridge?

Yes, how do you sell a broken bridge fire window, how much is a square meter of broken bridge aluminum fire window?

This is the case. I must first know your product requirements before I can calculate the unit price of this square meter.

Where there are so many requirements, you tell me what you have, how much is one square meter each

There are too many from the style and product requirements. The broken bridge aluminum fire window has automatic closing device and no automatic closing device, which is the fire window and fireproof window on the market.

Oh i want a fire window

1.0 小时和耐火 0.5 小时的 Broken bridge aluminum fire window has a fire resistance of 1.0 hour and a fire resistance of 0.5 hour

Oh, it ’s Class A and B.

3C 认证范围,不区分甲乙丙级,只是耐火时间,耐火完整性上有要求 No, the broken bridge aluminum fire window is a non-insulated fire window of other materials. It is currently not included in the scope of 3C certification. It does not distinguish between A, B, and C grades, but only requires fire resistance time and fire integrity.

Oh so many requirements

Because of this, I ca n’t simply quote the price of the product for you, because the price of the product is different because of different project requirements.

OK, what other parameters

low-e ,是否带磨砂等,最主要的还有您这个项目有相关节能系数要求吗? For example, there are glass requirements, two-glass, one-cavity, three-glass, two-cavity, whether fire-resistant glass with low-e , frosted, etc. The most important thing is that you have related energy-saving coefficient requirements for this project?

This is not specifically asked

Well then, do you have a project drawing here? You can send us a copy to see if you can provide the product that the project needs

OK, how much is your WeChat, I will send it to you

26622751 ,您这里加一下,有什么问题,我们微信上说 My WeChat code is 26622751 , you add it here, if there is any problem, we said on WeChat

Ok, let's do this first, bye

Then you add me on WeChat, goodbye

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